Concierge Services

Our goal is to make your life less complicated so you can spend more time enjoying the life you have created.

We handle the day to day

A primary goal of Kingsley Business Service is to enable our clients to focus on their families and careers. Our team organizes and archives a client’s financial life through digital and hard copy filing systems. In addition we provide specific services to assist with ongoing needs.

Our Services

  • Payment and tracking of household and personal expenses to stay on budget
  • Acting as a liaison with a client’s other personal advisors to ensure efficiency and avoid duplication of efforts
  • Gathering of competitive quotes for defined services to ensure clients receive appropriate and cost-effective ones to meet their needs
  • Management of household administrative tasks, including payroll for domestic employees, as well as ongoing monitoring of the timeliness and quality of service providers

Whatever you may need, do not hesitate to ask.