Family Office Services

An individualized approach for families that want to relieve themselves of the administrative burden that comes with managing one’s wealth. Kingsley Business Service handles the day to day issues, and provides a variety of financial reporting and concierge services.

A complete range of services

When KBS manages a client’s overall financial situation, from bill payment to deposits, to monitoring financial records of all assets and liabilities, we are in the ideal position to provide comprehensive year-round tax consulting services. As an impartial third-party, Kingsley Business Service offers guidance with the client’s best interests in mind. To help ensure impartiality, our fees are never based on a client’s net worth or a point system; instead, our fee structure is based on the time projected/incurred to complete agreed upon services and projects.

We work for you

Our core clientele are typically high-net-worth members of the Venture Capital industry, and as such are striving to make optimal investment decisions both personally and professionally. As assets grow and diversify, the task of managing and tracking one’s personal investments can become tedious and time-consuming. At KBS, we act as the client’s eyes and ears, monitoring private investments, as well as, brokerage and bank accounts.

We alert you to major issues, handle investment paperwork, ensure timely remittance of capital calls and receipt of investment income, and prepare detailed reporting of income and expenses to assist in tax return preparation. Relieved of these administrative burdens, you will be able to focus on making the right overall investment decisions for you and your family, while leaving the detail to us.